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In God We Boast!!!

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In God We Boast!!!

Psalms 44:8  In God we boast all
the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.

For all who have been in prayer for the Borschel family here is an update.  Let me
rephrase that — A PRAISE REPORT!!!


Hello everyone!

I’ve sent this one message to many people so please forgive its generic
content. With that said, let me tell you what’s happened so far.

First, Katie is doing GREAT. So there are no worries at this point in

We checked Katie in around 6:30am on Tuesday. She was given something
they call "goofy-juice" because its a sedative which causes many kids to become
silly. Well, Katie didn’t like it! And in her usual style, she fought the sedative VERY
WELL. The anesthesiologist came in and agreed with me that Katie needed more. (We wanted
her very calm when she left our hands.) After the second dose (taken nasally), she started
to calm down and get a little silly like they said, but she was still fighting it.

She left us a little before 8am and was out within 3-4 minutes according
to the doctors. Incision was at 9:30am and her surgery lasted for roughly 7 1/2 hours
(until around 5pm.) She was brought up to her ICU room around 6:30 or 7pm.

It was a very rough day up until that point. Updates were not on
schedule which is standard operating procedure for hospitals. However, the nurses were
actually more understanding than you’d think. They were comforting and pleasant with all
of us pacing the floors.

When the surgeon came to consult us, he said that the operation was long
and it went about as well as he could have expected. He said Katie had a lot of bleeding
afterwards which was a concern. Apparently the bypass machine "beats up" the
blood platelets after being on it for so long. Normal procedure requires replacing the
platelets and then waiting for a period of time. But, thank God, after lots of prayer and
a little time, it just stopped! If it hadn’t, she would have been taken back to O.R. and
re-opened. In her usual style, she was swinging her arms and legs around soon after she
moved to ICU. (The typical elephant would have been thoroughly OUT with all the sedatives
and drugs Katie had been given…BUT NOT HER!)

She had a good night. They said she rested well. At 9:15am today
(Wednesday) they removed her breathing tube and she’s breathing on her own now. Her first
words… "UP PLEASE." She followed those with, "Daddy",
"Down", "Momma", "Bottle" and "Love you" at random
intervals. It absolutely broke our hearts.

I feel her true personality came through when she said "Love
you." As Kim said, Katie is a loving child and we should have known that she would
not be angry at us for this. Think about it – take a little girl who doesn’t know what’s
going on. Last thing she remembers is playing and being happy. Next thing she knows, she’s
in a strange room, she’s strapped to a bed, can’t move, she’s in pain, can’t make a sound
because she has a tube down her throat, all these strange people are around her…….and
mommy and daddy won’t pick her up and give her a bottle. How do you think YOU would react?
It’s scary to think. "We" understand what’s going on and can use our reasoning
ability…she can’t.

She is currently on a pacer for her heart, but her beats have been doing
relatively well by themselves. She’ll be able to have miniscule bits of water starting at
3:00pm after which we’ll be able to start giving her more and more if her body tolerates

I apologize for sounding so grim, but my point was only to say we are
very grateful for Katie, her strength and genuine love. Also, it’s all the more reason to
be thankful to all of you! Without your love for her, I hate to think of what might have
happened. Katie is destined to do some very special things in her lifetime – thanks to God
and all of you, she’s got a second chance!

Thank you to EVERYONE who was here with us. My mom and dad, Kim’s
parents and relatives, and our pastor were here with us. Without their support and
"just being there", we would have been more miserable than I can imagine. It
means so much to have family close at hand during times like these.

Also, our sincere thanks go out to all the people who have joined
together to pray for Katie. We thank God for you. We prayed for Katie’s operation to be
successful….it was. We prayed for peace for Kim and me….we had it. We prayed for
specific healing…we got it! So many blessings have been given our family because of this
and we can never thank you enough.

We give God all the glory and praise for this. Some of you
may not believe as we do, but we must thank God. Our strength was through
Him alone. We could not have made it through this without His divine power.

Our sincere love and thanks,

The Borschel family.

Katie, Kim and Kevin


Normally we send out "bible
study" messages on Monday & Thursday, but every now and then we just
have boast on the most high God.  I know that no other God could have
brought deliverance for this family except the God of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ.  He has not only given his children deliverance but during
the "through," His Spirit gave them the comfort to know that everything
would be fine.

Every now and then we have to go through things
so that He can get the glory and we can tell the devil to his face, "you are more
defeated than you’ll ever know!!!"  Every now and then we have to be placed in
the furnace so that we won’t come out smelling like smoke.  Every now and then we
have to be place in the impossible, to see that the possible could happen. 

The impossible situation is just like the word
"impossible."  Within the word "impossible" is the word
"possible," but too often we focus on the "impossible" and never see
the "possible."   I just have to break it down like it "T. 
I. –  IS."  God has the possible before we even see the impossible. 
He doesn’t have to figure out deliverance because He already has it.  We just have to
"have a need" to get it.

So the next time you face an
impossibility say to that situation, "You are not an impossiblity; you are only
an OPPORTUNITY for the most high God to show up and show out in my life!!!  In God I

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