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Our Vision & History

Our Vision Statement:

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God throughout the World and through you.

Our History:

In August of 1996, Eddie & Veronica Yon moved away from all their family and friend to the town of Evansville, Indiana. Finally, God got Eddie all to Himself and Eddie began to truly grow in the Lord. However, Eddie desired to grown all the more and met a young man in the city, in 1997, who was on fire for the Lord. This young man knew God’s word, had a phenomenal gift to memorize the scriptures and truly had a heart for God. Eddie asked them, “What can I do to get to learn the Word of God even better?” The young man told him, “If you put the word out, you’ll have to truly learn the word!”

So on September 7, 1997, Eddie began sending faith-filled e-mail messages to friends and family members to share the word and stay connected. His goal was to start an “interactive” study with a few close friends. However, to Eddie’s surprise no one responded. Yet, little did he know the impact of the messages. Shortly thereafter, one friend replied that, “that was good, can I share it with someone,” and Eddie replied “sure.” This continued to happen and consequently, through those seven people, grew to a hundreds of subscribers, nationally and internationally which caused the birthing of “A Resting Place in Cyberspace” which is now Elyon Ministries.

We pray that you would continue to take the journey with us as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because you truly are an important part of what He has placed within us. As we share, prayerfully what we would hope to be word of encouragement, enlightenment, and confirmation, you would share those very words with others as the Spirit of God leads you to.

We are so thankful that you are here and pray that you find something that will refresh, revive and restore your spirit, soul, and body to help you fulfill the calling of God on your life.

Blessings and Love,

Eddie & Veronica Yon


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