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Alright In The Storm

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When everything around you is chaotic
And you feel that you, “just ain’t got it!”
But in the midst of it God says this, “stand still”
He’s out to prove to you that He’s really real!

Don’t ever believe you’ll be hurt or harmed,
Or that you’ll never see the end of the storm.
And never believe that He doesn’t care,
He’s proving to you, He not going anywhere!

Now due to that, your storm can’t win.
Your Father’s with you from beginning to end.
And yet there’s one more thing He’s out to prove,
Because He told the storm, “My child ain’t gonna move!”

So now can you see this image of Father and child,
In the midst of these storms, some raging, some mild.
With the Father having all strength, power, and might,
And with the child now realizing, “I’m going to be alright!”

Confirmation: You’re Going To Be Alright!!

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