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No More Resolutions

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No More Resolutions – (Part IV –
Receive Your Glory!!)

Study Text: Romans 8:14 – 17

Memory Verse – Romans 8:14 – "For as many as are led by the Spirit of
God, they are the sons of God."

We conclude our "No More Resolutions" series with the final step –
Receive Your Glory! The first three steps (1) Walk In The Spirit, (2) Loose The
Carnal Mind and (3) Kill The Flesh were guidelines to get us TO Victory;
however once we get TO Victory it still "Ain’t Over."

The 14th verse tells us that we are truly the Sons/Daughters of God if we
are led by the Holy Spirit. "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,
they are the sons of God."(14th) By being the children of God we are given
the power to be overcomers — power to pass all tests and the power to walk in

Next, the 15th verse reveals that we have more than just victory; we have
the Holy Spirit who serves as our adoption agent. It is He who makes us aware
of the relationship God wants to have with us: an intimate kinship, and He puts
the children and Father closer together. This verse also tells us that the Holy
Spirit we have received is Not a spirit of bondage. He is not going to bind us
down to anything; instead He will free us up from the carnal things. And
because of this we should cry out "Abba"–an Aramaic word which means
Father in an intimate sense. Because of the Holy Spirit we now have that close,
personal relationship we are supposed to have with God. God is no longer just
the creator of the universe. He truly becomes OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN!

The Holy Spirit also testifies with our spirits that we are the children of
God. (16th) Yes, He’s really working overtime to give us the confidence we need
to receive our glory and march in victory against the armies of darkness. The
Holy Spirit is giving us the boldness to bind all demonic works of the enemy.
And remember, He’s working WITH our spirits and the two are
"tag-teaming" against the enemy and his homeboys! It sounds like WWF
workin’ and Satan better see what the Rock (of salvation) is cookin’ —
"Fried Anti-Christ Baby!" (That one’s for all you wrestling fans.)

The 17th verse wraps this up tightly by stating "And if
children, then heirs; heirs of God." Wait a minute, you mean if I’m a
child of God, I’m an heir of God?! Yes! And this also means that you are due
all the blessings of God. Now if you think that’s good news you need to check
out the rest of what Paul tells us. Not only are we heirs of God but
"joint-heirs of Jesus Christ;" Not only have we been adopted by God,
but we have been made joint-heirs to the kingdom of heaven. We won’t be placed
as step-children or half-children. We won’t be given hand-me-downs or second
class blessings. God will love us the same as He loves Jesus. As a child of God
you are due the over abundant blessings God has for you and if you haven’t been
getting your over abundant blessings then you are like a library book checked
out in 1971 — OVERDUE!

What can keep you from getting your overabundance? I’m glad you asked.
Veronica shared with you that the Lord told me to get rid of some old records
and I did (see the message entitled "The Least We Can Do," AND WE GOT BLESSED FOR DOING SO!!!! ABUNDANTLY
BLESSED!!!!! We both were blessed not only to move back closer to home but we
both got jobs with nice pay increases. I tell you all the truth, with our
inheritance we got us some "new music" and even some "new
clothes." Hold on to the old if you want to but you’ll end up losing your

The last part of the 17th verse is usually the back breaker for the
"straddlers." Paul writes, "If so be that we suffer with him,
that we may be also glorified together." Just to tell it like it really
is: YOU WILL SUFFER for walking the Godly walk. The reason the straddlers don’t
make it is because they want to please the world and God— and you can’t get
your glory in this manner. You have to be "sold out" to the Father.
True enough, your "old" friends may think you’re crazy, your
co-workers may talk about you behind your back, your mate may even turn on
you— but remember, if you suffer with Christ you will also be glorified with

By withstanding the fire, the impurities will be burned off and you will be
as James 1:4 says, "perfect and entire wanting nothing." When the new
millennium rolls around and others are consumed with making resolutions (that
they will break), you will have strengthened your walk with God. You will no
longer have to make resolutions because then you can do what you were doing
beforehand: perfecting your walk with God. So let’s walk in the spirit, loose
the carnal mind, kill the flesh and RECEIVE OUR GLORY!!!!!!!

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