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Putting God's Time On Your Mind

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Putting God’s Time On Your Mind

Psalms 90:12 “;So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts
unto wisdom.”;

In our life times, I am sure that we can think of several occasions when we
have “;wasted time.”; Whether it be through trying to establish friendships
with people God had no intention on us being friends with — at that time
— or whether it was by pursuing intimate relationships with that special
someone who wound up breaking our heart. Some of us have even pursued the wrong
career, and years later we realized how much we hate and despise that profession.
Someone once said, “;The worse thing you can do is climb the ladder of success
and realize your ladder was up against the wrong building.”;

Why do we make these types of mistakes? Often, it is because we simply choose
to “;float”; through life not realizing that we have a specific number
of days on earth to accomplish what God has put us here to do. Recently, I received
an email with a listing of things done by George W. Bush which were not very
flattering. As I read the list, the first thought that came to my mind was,
“;Who has time to compile this list?”; The next thing I thought was,
“;Is this what that person (the creator of the list) was called by God to
do?”; If we have time to compile the list of someone’s failures, then we
must have successfully completed our own “;Honey-do”; list assigned
by the Father.

Often, we use the statement, “;I don’t have time….”; Why? Because
time is one resource that we can not get back. Once today is gone, it’s gone.
Therefore, our scripture challenge (Psalms 90:12) is to do everything God has
called us to do by being mindful that we only have a limited amount of time
to do it. Why? Because you are, as the Blues Brothers so eloquently put it,
“;on a mission from God!”;

We need to stop running around trying to be friends with the very people who
are trying to hold us back, down, and from going anywhere. The reason we often
pursue the wrong relationships and things is because our hearts are not correctly
focused. The remainder of our scripture reads, “;that we may apply our hearts
unto wisdom.”; This does not say that we apply our hearts to emotions, feelings,
and things that sound good. When we apply our hearts to the wrong things, we
wind up in the wrong places and end up with the wrong results.

Instead, it is our mission to go and get everything that God has for us: the
peace, the joy, the prosperity, the overflow, the wholeness…. Why? Because
your peace is a witness to someone else that he/she can have peace. Your joy
is evidence that someone lost can have joy. Your prosperity shows that brother/sister
next to you who is in lack that he/she can prosper. Your overflow tells the
person secretly watching you that he/she, too, can live in the land of more
than enough. Your wholeness can testify to the person who is the bruised, battered,
beaten, and broken that he/she can be restored to God’s glory as well.

We have only about 120 years (I’ll explain in another lesson) to get the mission
completed–to reach the lost, to restore one another, to spread the Gospel
to every corner of the earth, to train up anointed children, to witness to that
co-worker sitting right next to us, to help our neighbor overcome his/her battles
— to do whatever God has laid on our hearts. You’ve got a lot to do for
the kingdom; therefore, number your days and apply wisdom, so that your mission
will be a successful one. Now is the season that you put God’s time on your

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