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Conversation – Your Conduct

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"Conversation: Your Conduct"

Psalms 37:14 – "The wicked have drawn out the sword, and
have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of
upright conversation."

This week we begin our tidbit text series on "Conversation." In
the King James Version of the Bible, whenever the word "conversation"
appears, it never carries the verbal connotation that we have given it: a
transaction of words or for one’s mouth to utter words. Instead, although each
meaning deals with communication, each instance has a different meaning—-all
of which are non-verbal.

In this week’s text we are given a scenario regarding two types of people:
the hunter and the hunted. From our scripture we find out that the hunters are
the wicked or ungodly and the hunted are the children of God. Now the wicked
have set their sights on the righteous to do them physical harm. We know this
because our text tells us that they have drawn their swords and bent their
bows. In other words, the wicked have positioned themselves to attack, but
here’s something that we can not overlook: whenever an army, militia, or any
force has to attack its enemy it must do one critical thing — identify the

How do the wicked identify its enemy, the children of God? By their UPRIGHT
CONVERSATION. The word conversation is translated in the NIV Bible as
"ways" and in the New American Standard Bible as "conduct."
Therefore, the wicked are hunting those who are VISIBLY righteous. Remember, if
they can’t identify the enemy they can’t attack the enemy. They aren’t looking
for those who are "saying" they are righteous but are not; these
heathens are actually helping the campaign of the wicked. Rather, it’s the God
fearing, Christ following, Anointed troopers — "The No-Limit
Soldiers"– that the wicked are after.

Now here’s the question we want you to ponder. If it were open season on
those with "upright conversation," would you be a "Hit" or
"Hypocrite?" In other words, after placing you in their sights, would
the wicked say, "YeeeeeeeHaaaaaawww, I got me a good’un boys!" Or
"Aaaawwww Mannnn, It’s one of ours!"

Does it sounds like it’s open season on the children of God? It is! If
you’re an easy target then Glory to God – He will take care of you.

  • "I will NEVER leave you
    nor forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5). – He will take care of you.
  • "Fret not thyself of
    evil doers" (Psalm 37:1). – He will take care of you.
  • "Their [the wicked]
    sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be
    broken" (Psalm 37:15). – He will take care of you.
  • "No manner of weapon
    formed against you will prosper" (Isaiah 54:17). – He will
    take care of you.
  • "Thou preparest a table before
    me in the presence of mine enemies" (Psalm 23:5).   Even in
    the midst of your enemies you’ll be "eatin’" good because your
    Father is preparing you a table. And don’t think He’s bring McDonald’s
    ‘cause that ain’t the case. We’re talking about El-Shaddai, the Almighty
    God who has more than enough, so you’d better know that you know that you
    know – He will take care of you.

Trust me, the wicked don’t even have a prayer in this war. Just like their
weapons, their prayers to their god will fall short too. Don’t you ever, ever,
ever think our Father is going to allow His children to fall in the hands of
the wicked because He won’t. So stop worrying about what your co-workers think
and let your conversation (conduct) be worthy of God. If you go to lunch with
them and need to bless your food, then bless it in the name of the Saviour of
the universe – Jesus Christ. Stop compromising God’s standard of excellence in
exchange for man’s standard of acceptance. Be a No-Limit Soldier serving the
No-Limit God! And remember this: No-Limit Soldiers may be easy to identify, but
they’re not easy to hit!!

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