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Da' Good Stuff

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Da’ Good Stuff

Study Text – Jude 3-10

Memory Verse – Jude 3: Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you
of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort
you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered
unto the saints.

One of my relatives’ neighbor has a dog. It is the responsibility of the
neighbor’s son to feed and cleanup the dog’s cage. After football season began
the son started slipping in his duties. After seeing this big beautiful
rottweiler in a cage polluted with filth I couldn’t stand it. Therefore, I went
into the cage and cleaned it. Then, I went to the grocery store and purchased
some dry dog food and some canned dog food. (The canned dog food is Da’ Really
Good Stuff – it also costs much more when compared to the dry dog food.) Before
feeding the dog I mixed the canned food with the dry food. This produces a meal
which tastes good and is much more filling.(Da’ Good Stuff) The dog gobbled it
down and licked the bowl clean! The next day, the owner fed the dog dry dog
food (only) but the dog turned over the feeding dish and didn’t even eat it.

Jude starts this week’s text by telling us that he would like to write about
the salvation that we share (He wants to write about how blessed we are and how
good it is to be saved.") but instead he states, "it was needful for
me to write to you that you should earnestly contend(fight/dispute) for the
faith which was once delivered unto the saints. (3rd) In short Jude is stating,
"What we had was once pure, but now it’s tainted and we got to fight to
make it pure again." Yes people, somebody is messin’ up our Good Stuff.

Who tainted the pure faith? The 4th verse tells us, "certain men whose
condemnation was written about long ago" – STOP! This tells us that these
same folks that have, "messed up our Good Stuff" ARE condemned NOW.
The battle against them is already won it’s just a matter of going through the
process TO Win.

The 4th goes on to tell us that these men slipped in among us. The general
title for these people are APOSTATES, the exact opposite of APOSTLES. The
APOSTLES where the ones who were to teach, preach and live God’s holy word. The
APOSTATES however teach, preach and live a FALSE word and only pose as
Apostles. The APOSTATES also have two main characteristics described in the 4th

    (1) They deny Jesus Christ, our only Sovereign Lord (They
whole-heartedly deny that Jesus’ Blood was the ransom, the price that paid for
our salvation. For this same reason the Lord tells us in 1 John 4:2-3 to Test
the Spirits to see if they acknowledge Jesus. If so they are of God, if not
then they are not.)
    (2) They turn the Grace of God into lasciviousness (e.g.,
They tell you it’s OK to sin sexually, God will forgive you. Of course this behavior
is not Repentance. Example, If you hit someone in the eye and said, "I’m
sorry" then did it again and said, "I’m sorry" and continued
this cycle, how could you actually be sorry. Remember Sinners practice TO sin,
Christians practice NOT to sin.

The 5th through 7th verses then give examples of Apostates that have
received blessings from the Lord and then turned their backs on him:

5th-The people of Egypt delivered, but He destroyed those who did not
6th-The Angles who fell from heaven, but He bound them in everlasting chains
for judgement.
7th-Sodom & Gomorrah and the surrounding towns that gave themselves for
sexual immorality. They (meaning all of three groups) will suffer the
punishment of eternal fire.

Jude then gives us more characteristics of Apostates in the 8th
verse. Jude refers to them as "filthy dreamers" who defile their own
flesh, reject authority (holy authority) and even slander the names of angels.
(Also see 2 Peter 2:10-12) The 9th verse then tells us that even
Michael, the Archangel, would not make slanderous accusations against the
devil. [Food For Thought: Here is the Archangel, who ensured that he DID NOT
slander the father of all evil. Now if Michael, one with such power and
righteousness, kept God’s law towards the devil, who attempts to break every
one of God’s laws, then surely we should think multiply before we go slandering
our brothers and sisters.]

Jude continues in the 10th verse stating that these Apostates
speak abusively on what they don’t understand and what they do understand will
eventually destroy them. (Now what comes to mind are those "Good"
people who will tell you, you don’t have to be saved to go to heaven, but it’s
that same mentality that’s going to send them to hell. – Another purpose of the

To get to where I am now with the dog, I had to:

(1) Start a relationship- Even after that, he would still bark when I came
up to the fence or even if I was anywhere in sight.
(2) Increase the relationship – After the relationship grew I was able to go
inside the cage and make life more abundant for him
(3) Show Genuine Love – As he showed his love to me, I became more than happy
to show even more to him. After having a stronger relationship, I went a
purchased an abundant supply of dog food to ensure I can feed him at any
moments notice. Even if I know that he has enough to eat, but I still JUST FEEL
LIKE BLESSING HIM with Da’ Good Stuff I can.

Now, how are we towards Christ? Do we run away at the mention his name. Do
we hold on to those old habits, keeping him at arms length – keeping our
unlimited prosperity from coming to us. Or, do we gladly as our K9 friend does,
openly invite him in, with rejoicing (even though it did take a while). All
your "Good Stuff" is close at hand, closer than you think, it’s
closer than close. However, if you don’t let him come into your cage… I meant
life, he will never be able to cleanse it from the filth and bless you as Jude
said in the 2nd verse – multiply. (Ephesians 3:20 – Now unto him that is able
to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the
power that worketh in us.) Let Him In, Get Da’ Good Stuff!

May God’s prosperity be abundantly yours!

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