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Deliverance or THE DELIVERER

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The Deliverance or THE DELIVERER

Lamentations 3:25 – "The LORD is good unto them that wait
for him, to the soul that seeketh him."

Have you ever heard someone make this statement: "I’m mad at God?"
Why is it that people want to get mad at the Lord? Usually because they are
impatiently waiting for some type of deliverance. But whether you’re waiting on
a job, a spouse, or some other type of manifestation, being mad at God is not
going to do you any good. Understand this: God is going to do what God does
when God does it. He’s not like me — Praise God!!! And He not like you —
Praise God!!! He is God and God alone. He has all the time in the world, and He
knows the appropriate time for each and every one of our breakthroughs.

Now knowing this, we need to learn how to wait on God. I remember when the
Lord told me, "Your deliverance is coming soon." I replied, "But
Lord, your soon could be years for me." He then answered, "Sooner
than soon." At that point, I shut my mouth. This was not a cry of
rebellion, but instead in a plea for understanding. I was wondering, "How
long must I wait?"

After wasting valuable time whining and complaining about my situation, I
thought to myself, what type of testimony would I have if I whined and
complained? How could I help others go through their wilderness experiences if
I came through mine like this? That’s when the anointing of God showed up!!!
person you haven’t even met yet. It’s for that friend that will go through this
situation next week or next year. More than anything else, it’s to simply
shut-down the devil and show him that we are more than conquerors through Jesus

It’s a spiritual "thang," not a fleshly one. That’s why this
scripture tells us to seek the Lord, our Deliverer. If you seek the deliverance
instead of the Deliverer, you’re waiting in the flesh. If you’re waiting in
your flesh, you’re bound to face more adversity. Why? Because you are focusing
on the present situation rather than the Deliverer. It’s like looking at that
blemish or pimple that you want to get rid of. It looks soooooo big, and it
gets bigger every day because you’re focusing on it.

So let’s wait with patience, confidence and assurance in Christ, knowing
that seeking Him, THE DELIVERER, will bring us to deliverance—–sooner than

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