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Three-Day Manifestations

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Three-Day Manifestations

Psalms 147:15 – "He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: his word
runneth very swiftly."

Before we sent out the Thursday Tidbit entitled "Just Sharing,"
the Lord spoke this to me. I wrote it down and placed it in a notebook:

"There will be a great move, a mighty move for those who are my
children. And those of you in the wilderness, I am planning to bring you out. I
am planning to restore you beyond restoration. For you will surely, surely be
better off after the wilderness than before. This is a mighty move and my
people shall not be denied their inheritance. I shall restore you, I shall
restore you, I shall restore you. Great and powerful things are about to occur.
Supernatural debt cancellation, divine healing, family restoration and
spiritual rejuvenation. This move shall bring miracles long desired by my
children, and I will fulfill the desires of my children. Continue to abide in
me and I will abide in you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Prepare to
move, prepare to move. Restoration is coming and deliverance is at hand."

The "Just Sharing" message discusses getting "unhooked"
to the ungodly things that are in our lives because those things cause us not
to receive everything we can from the Lord. Also, last week, we put out the
message "Deliverance or the Deliverer." This message told us to focus
on Jesus and He will bring us the things that we desire. Now to tie the two

Within the last two weeks, I have been ministering to more people than I
ever have and the results have been – Godly!! I’ve received two testimonies of
3-day manifestations. Those people who have decided to give up the ungodly
things have seen 3-day manifestations. Yes, a 3-day turn around. Not only were
they delivered, but God gave them a desire of their heart. One person, received
a new car that she had been believing God to deliver. Another person received a
new relationship with his mother. These people are getting "unhooked"
to the garbage and hooked up with God.

It’s also divine that God had me discuss the "sooner that soon" in
"The Deliverer or the Deliverance" message because He’s starting to
bless His children "sooner than soon." Our text says, "He
sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: his word runneth very swiftly."
Oooooohhhh ain’t our Father the Man. What I’m seeing in my vision are angels
running after His word. His word is saying, "Bless my servant. He/She has
been faithful over a little money, now I’m going to give him/her much!!! Bless
him/her with promotion, unexpected income, favor and raises." And you know
got to keep up with the word of God!!! They’ve got to make these things come to
pass!!! They can not and will not let God’s word return to Him null and void.
That’s why He was telling us, "GET UNHOOKED, GET UNHOOKED!!! EITHER YOU’LL

This is what the Lord says:

"Yes, you’ve asked me for blessings, upon blessings, upon blessings.
And I can give you the desires of your heart, but you haven’t asked, ‘What can
I give up for you Lord,’ for surely that is a sweet savor to me. For what I
desire is an obedient servant. One who is willing to give up that which is
worldly for that which is of me. And I will bless you so abundantly that when
you look back on those things you gave up and compare them to the things I will
and have given you, then you will surely know that I, the Lord am a giver of
good and perfect gifts."

Psalms 23:6: "Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of
my life." Yes, as a child of God in Christ Jesus goodness and mercy will
follow you; but baby when you get unhooked to what’s keeping you from getting
yours, goodness and mercy will RUN YOU OVER!!! Blessings will overtake you!!
Curses will flee from you!! Favor will keep bumping into you like he’s lost and
don’t know where else to go!! Prosperity will keep knocking at your door like a
salesman wanting to just give his stuff away simply because he doesn’t feel
like putting it all back in his car!! Blessings are trying to run you over!!
Prosperity is trying to run you down!! Restoration is beating a path to your
door!! Unhook and receive!!! Unhook and receive!!! Unhook and receive!!!

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