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Getting More Jesus – Part IV
Recognizing Your Miracles

John 6:13 & 14

13 So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with
the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten. 14
After the people saw the miraculous sign that Jesus did, they began to say,
"Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world."

We have this tendency to associate Jesus with miracles and rightly so.
Whenever He showed up, no one knew but Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit what
was going to happen. In this week’s text, Jesus performs the miracle of feeding
the 5000. This was indeed a big miracle, and the people involved were blessed
in two ways. First, they were directly involved with the miracle, and second
they had a chance to witness it.

Their direct involvement came when they consumed (physically) a part of this
miracle. Now during their feasting they should have known without a shadow of a
doubt that this had to be from God. However they missed it!! The 14th
verse confirms this by stating, "After the people saw the miraculous sign
that Jesus did." They not only had the evidence and saw the evidence –
they ate it as well. But…. they didn’t recognize it until after it occurred!!!!

So why is it they didn’t recognize the miracle while being in the midst of
it? Probably because they were more concerned with their flesh than their
spirits. In other words they had "gimme-itis." They were probably
saying, "Man, let’s get our grub on!! You can sit up there and act cute if
you want to, but I gotz’ to eat!!" [This is why we should bless our food,
to give God thanks for providing for us.]

Therefore, being more concerned with your flesh is the quickest way to
overlook God’s miracles. At this point, I’m just speaking to you from the
heart!! Recently, I was waiting on God to do something in my life, and I had
that "5000 mentality." I was wanting God to "Feed Me, Feed
Me!!!" (Give me what I want) And all the time, while He was doing one miracle,
I was missing it because I was wanting another. Then later I realized, "I
missed it. He did a miracle, and I really missed it."

So don’t miss those precious miracles of our Saviour. We cry and cry for
what we want and overlook what He is giving us. Believe me He is giving us so
much that we can’t even count it all. Every time you hold that child the
doctors said might not make it — He’s doing a miracle. Every time you show up
to work — He’s doing a miracle. Every time you walk into your house (Remember
when you were outside peeping in as a buyer) — He’s doing a miracle. Every
time you hug your mom or talk to your dad over the phone — He’s doing a
miracle. Every time you overcome the fiery darts — He’s doing a miracle. When
the pain in your body begins to subside — He’s doing a miracle. When you make
it home safely — He’s doing a miracle. Every time you’re able to be a blessing
to someone else — He’s doing a miracle. When you come to realize you are more
than a conqueror and not a failure — He’s doing a miracle. Even as you read
the last line of this text, guess what….. He did it again!!!!

You Are Blessed; Know that You Are Blessed — You are a Miracle!!!

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