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I Can Tell Daddy

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Psalms 56:9 “When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.”

There was a time when hopscotch and four-square reigned.
Before the Playstation and Xbox were a household name.

When you knew that you’d better surely be home
before the very first street light even began to turn on.
When you could get not just one “whuppin'” but two
the first from any parent and then one from yours too.

When a dishwasher didn’t stand next to the stove;
it was you and your siblings washing dishes when told.
When Saturday mornings meant cereal and cartoons
and riding bicycles with friends in the afternoons.
Instead of having drive-bys, you’d have the drive ins;
every time you were going, you’d invite your best friend.
Try to explain to your kids? They’d look at you strange;
“Buy two gums with a dime and still get change?”

When bullies had no bullets, only bad attitudes,
and it only took ice cream to get you in a good mood.
Because after telling daddy, the torment did stop;
You see, no matter what, he was the king of the block.
When he came on the porch with that look on his face,
it was enough indeed to clear the entire place.
The adversaries knew that you had told on them, true,
and now there was nothing that they could ever do.
So they all ran away, carried fast by their feet,
for the king of the block got them off of your street.

As we journey back to yesteryear, I want to take you back to the days of the bully. The person who was only as big and as bad as you let him be. The person who would chase you, bother you, and pick on you until you realized — “I can tell my daddy.” Sure, he/she always had the upper hand until you realized, “I can tell my daddy.” Whether it was practical jokes or personal insults, the torment did not cease until you went and told on them.

In this week’s text, we see the same type of petition being taken to a higher authority. But in this case, it’s not just to the king of the block, but to the King of Kings. I love the way this verse starts. Let’s read it…

Psalms 56:9 “When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back”

When it comes right down to it, the devil can try to act as “bad” as he wants to, but as soon as you tell your Father in heaven, all the silliness must cease. Let’s look closer at this text for evidence. It says, “When I cry unto thee, THEN.” At that very moment in time, THEN! As soon as your lips utter the words – – – THEN! At that very moment, when you call on God your enemies will turn back. But have you ever wondered why?

The reason your enemies and the enemy take flight is similar to the poem I shared with you. As soon as you call on your Father in Heaven, He responds. Many of the nay sayers may say, “but I don’t see a change.” Ooooohhh, but child of God, there is a change. Let me share this with you.

Remember when you told daddy all that happened between you and the bully? The only thing daddy wanted to know at that time was, “who did it and where are they now?” What daddy really wanted to do was to put himself in the presence of the problem. If he could do that, then pretty soon there would be no more problem.

As things happen, if we can trust and rely on God the way He desires us to, when we call on Him He will show up without fail. His presence in your problem tells the devil and every other enemy you have, “Now you know this is my child and I cherish and adore my children. I love them deeply, and as long as I am here, I will not allow anything to hurt nor harm them.”

In closing, you need to know that He is willing to put Himself in your presence to straighten out any situation. You need to know that He is more than willing to show up to make sure the problem goes away. Most importantly and above all else you in every situation and circumstance you need to know is that is He is for you.

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