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Looks Can Kill

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Looks Can Kill

Tidbit Text: 1Thessalonians 5:22 – "Abstain from all appearance of

We’ve all heard the saying, "If looks could kill…," but do you
know that looks actually can kill. A friend of mine who is saved was telling me
this story that could happen to you, so take note. One day he was out and about
in the city and his car broke down. Being stranded, he looked around for the
nearest pay phone. To his dismay, the closest one, which seemed like the only
one, was in an X-Rated book/video store. Feeling that he was out of options, he
went into the store and used the phone. Finally on his way out, he wondered,
"what if someone sees me?" Now this brother is saved and active in
his church, so his reputation and witness for God was definitely on the line.
Well, as he was leaving the store, would you believe that a church bus filled
with members from his church passed by—- and saw him!!!!?????

This week’s tidbit text, when used properly, can definitely keep us out of
situations like this. If we abstain from even the appearance of evil, no one
will have justification for labeling us as evil (or questioning our commitments
to God). Running into a liquor store for a soda, eating at the bar in a
favorite restaurant, even hanging out AMONG people who are doing ungodly
things—–are all looks that can kill. Even if there’s only one person who
sees you doing them—-your actions of "convenience" will have killed
your reputation and your testimony for Christ.

So, back to my friend. Well, as he was leaving the store….. There was NO
bus! Gotcha!!!! But it could have happened, and if so, then what? Sure, he
could have told the truth, but imagine 90-year-old Mrs. Inyabizness telling
him, "Yes baby… I believe you." But over Bingo, it’s a whole
different story. She’ll probably say "Yeah…. I knowed it was sumpthin’
bout’ dat boy. He needs to stop lookin’ at dem’ vidjos (videos) and get
committed to the Lawd." Now remember this brother is committed to the Lord
but because he dwelled momentarily in the wrong place his
witness/testimony/reputation is being killed. Don’t let Mrs. (or Mr.)
Inyabizness kill ya. Abstain!!!

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