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My Shepherd

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My Shepherd

Psalm 23:1 – "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not

When I read or think about this scripture a very special person comes to
mind. Her name is Clara Eldridge. She’s 91 years-young and Veronica and I met
her while visiting a friend who had been placed in a nursing home. We soon fell
in love with Mrs. Eldridge and she instantly became one of the patients we
visited on a regular basis.

One day she looked up at me and said, "I’ll probably be here the rest
of my life." My heart went out to her, but for the wrong reason. I felt
sorry for her, thinking "She shouldn’t have to leave this earth here (in
this nursing home)." But fortunately, before I could say anything, she
came back with, "But I love my Lord. . . . He takes such good care of
me." At this point I was moved to tears by such a short, yet powerful

This little woman who most of the time is confined to a wheelchair and whose
physical sight is failing showed me that my spiritual sight was ailing. In her
own words, Mrs. Eldridge basically said what David is telling us in the 23rd
Psalm: "Jesus is so good to me that he makes me feel like I am THE ONLY
sheep he is tending. That’s why I can say, ‘He is MY shepherd and I lack

If we look at our lives and really TRY to count our blessings, we will see
that Jesus takes such good care of us that each one of us feels like His one
and only sheep. We’ll begin to think, "Yes, he watches over ME as I
arrive safely home every day." "He blesses ME with strength to
make it through another day." "He gave ME food to eat and
clothes to wear." "He even gave ME the ability to read this
message." If you haven’t said a "Thank you Jesus" yet, you’d better
because YOUR personal shepherd is taking mighty, mighty, ALL MIGHTY good
care of YOU!!

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