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Do You Know Him?|

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Do You Know Him?

Tidbit Text: "I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known
of mine." (John 10:14) [Also read Mark 14:43-52]

It’s safe to come to the conclusion that everyone who receives the word from
this ministry KNOWS OF ME—Eddie. But the question that came to my mind was
this: how many of you KNOW ME? I mean, could you pick me out in a crowd? If
your friend said to you, "Eddie did this or that," could you say,
"That does/doesn’t sound like him because I know him."

In order to grasp this week’s tidbit text we will take a look at Mark
14:43-52 (the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ arrest). In Mark 14:43 we see
Judas, the betrayer, leading the crowd into Gethsemane to take Jesus away. Now
let’s focus on the 44th verse: "And he that betrayed Him had given them a
token [sign], saying Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he; take Him, and lead
Him away safely." Now answer this: Why did Judas need to give the crowd a
sign?—-Because they didn’t know who Jesus was!!!!! Even though they saw Jesus
every day teaching in the temple courts, they still were unable to recognize
Him (49th). They needed someone else’s signal.

In John 10:14 Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep,
and am known of mine." This means that not only does He know us, but we
are supposed to know Him. Unfortunately, many of us do not. So we need to ask
ourselves, "Am I relying on someone else’s signal to identify the Savior,
or do I have the intimate relationship He so desires for me to have?"
Mama’s testimonies and Grandpa’s prayers won’t do it. Neither will the pastor’s
sermons on Sunday morning. If we’re going to profess to be the Lord’s sheep, we
have to really know Him for ourselves. And the beauty of it all is this: we can
never know the Lord too well!!!

If you never get to know me, you haven’t lost too much (maybe a little –
"I try to have a sense of humor—the people who know me know this")
But seriously, if you never get to know Jesus, you’ve lost one of the best
gifts that God has to offer.

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