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His Name's Sake

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His Name’s Sake

Psalm 23:4 – "He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for his name’s sake."

Last weekend Veronica and I were blessed to travel to Pittsburgh in order to
witness the dedication of our God-son Myles. While we were there, the Lord gave
me this week’s tidbit text. At first I didn’t get the revelation, so I
meditated on the verse over and over. But I still came up empty. However, on
Sunday morning as we got ready to head to the church and I saw Myles decked out
in his white dedication suit, God opened my spiritual eyes to see even more: a
beautiful little spirit that could not defend himself.

The first part of our text reads, "He leadeth [constantly leads] me in
the paths of righteousness." Why does He constantly lead us in these
paths? Well, the remainder tells us that it is NOT for His sake, but for His
Name’s Sake (for the sake or benefit of those who are called by His name).

Through dedication to the Lord, Myles was becoming Jesus’ name’s sake; he
was receiving the name of Jesus. But why? Because his parents walked in the
paths of righteousness.

Now where do the saints come in? James 5:16 tells us, "The effectual
fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Just as Myles’ family
and loved-ones must intercede on his behalf, so must all of the saints
intercede in prayer for the would-be-saints and lost sinners. Once these new
saints are placed in the paths of righteousness, they, too, will pray for other
lost ones. This divine circle continues to go on so that the kingdom of God
will always be replenished. Therefore, we must remain righteous, not only for
ourselves but for others who have not reached the point where they can do so.

When a child stands in the need of prayer
and a sinner is lost in sin somewhere
And when a friend feels that all hope is gone
and family members feel all alone,

We have to choose to do what’s right
not to walk in darkness but in the light
For the prayers of the saints very well could be
the bridge of hope out of Hell’s eternity.

The lost sheep don’t know it, but they’re depending on you
and your prayers of intercession–they must make it through.
And those in need can be saved by our Lord’s "Holy Touch"
resulting from the prayers of the righteous which availeth much.

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