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Of All The Things…

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Of All The Things….

Of all the things that you will do today I just wanted to remind you of one simple thing…

Whether you cuss’ someone out
or bless somebody in…
Whether you remain holy all day long
or make a mistake and sin.

Whether you go back to the old habit
Or kick it with both feet…
Whether you lose all self-control
or remain ever so sweet.

Whether you salute some with that finger
in the middle of your hand…
Or hug the person you don’t really like
to make a Godly stand.

We all do backslide here and there
my friend I’m just being real…
but our backsliding isn’t something
that’s impossible for God to heal.

So what can help us turn the cheek
and do right when we want to do wrong…
What makes us when we feel so weak
rise up and be so strong?

It’s the one thing I want to remind you of
and it should empower you in every way…
That the God of heaven loves you freely
no matter what you do today.

And that word “Freely” means so much,
and to it we all should cleave…
because it tells us His love costs us nothing
except the ability to receive.

Of all the things you do…
Remember that He loves you!!!

Hosea 14:4 I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.

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