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Three Living States of Man

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The Three Living States of Man – Part I


The Action State


Man has been defined as a three-part being.  He is a spirit; he possesses a soul, and he
lives in a body.  Coincidentally, man
also lives in one of three states: Action, Decision or Rest.  He is either acting out a decision, making a
decision or resting in one.  Within the
bible there is one scripture that places all these states together:


Psalms 1:1 – “Blessed is the man that
walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners,
nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”


Now let’s look at the first “state”: The Action State.  Our scripture starts out with the word
“Blessed” which means to be empowered to prosper, happy, fortunate and
enviable.  Obviously this is where we
all want to be — Blessed!  So to get
there, our scripture tells us three things we should not do because these
“should nots” will keep us from being blessed.


The first “should not” deals with the “Action State” of
man.  This is when we are acting on a
decision.  Our text tells us, “Blessed
is a man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.”  We need to look at the word “walketh” for
two reasons:  First, because it has an
“eth” on the end of it which means something is being done continually.  And secondly because it means “to live out
or to perform deeds.”  Therefore, this
one word, “walketh” gives us insight to the type of CONTINUAL lifestyle we
should be living– a life that is free from ungodly counsel.


The word “ungodly” in this text is taken from the Hebrew
word “R~sh~” which is defined as
wrong, bad or wicked.  Therefore,
ungodly counsel is not only advice that will lead you to sin.  It is also advice that will lead you astray
from what God has for you.  Now here’s a
really good question for you.  Can good
advice be ungodly advice?  Yes it can! 


I am sure there are millions of stories that end like this,
“I don’t know what happened.   So and so
said to do it ‘this way’ and I did.  It
worked for him/her but not for me, and I don’t know why.”  Well it probably did not work because God
wanted it done His way and not the way it was done for someone else.  God is not a “I can only do it one way”
God.  There are times when He wants to
take you on a different route to get you to the same place of deliverance Sis.
Martha or Bro. James got to.  He is not
like us.  Some of us have to take the
same way to work every day because “different” is too uncomfortable to us.  Yet, “different” does not phase God one
bit.  If God won’t make two snowflakes
alike, why do you think He has to deliver you the exact same way He delivered
someone else?


To get Blessed (empowered to prosper, happy, fortunate and
enviable), we must be inside of God’s will while we’re in “the action
state.”  That means we must go when He
tells us to go.  We must do what He
tells us to do.  What we must understand
is that satan wants total control of all three states, but especially the
action state.  Why?  Because this is the state in which the
actual sin itself occurs.  Of course,
the other states are vital, and we will go over those as well, but the action
state really places the sin into the physical realm.  And disobedience is a sin!

So be totally obedient to
God, because partial obedience (not acting out fully what God has told you to
do) is disobedience.  Also delayed
obedience (not acting when God tells you or instructs you to act) is
disobedience.   Here’s a word of
confirmation for someone.  If God has
told you to do it a different way then do it!!
Your deliverance is not really in what you are doing; it’s in simply
doing what God has told you to do.  In
other words, it’s not the acts; it’s your actions.  And as long as your actions are within God’s will, you shall be

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