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Unfair Advantage

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Unfair Advantage

Memory Verse: 1 John 5:12 – He who has the Son has life; he who does not
have the Son of God does not have life.

Study Text: 1 John 5:1 – 12

There is a board game by the name of "Trouble". To move the pieces
each player presses a plastic bubble with a numbered die inside. The hardest
part of the game is to get the game pieces on the playing board and out of the
home position. To do so each player has to press the bubble and get a 6. Now to
make the game even tougher, game pieces can get sent back to home if they are
landed on by other players’ pieces. Well one day, Veronica and I were playing
with a friend’s daughter, Michelle, and I had almost gotten my last piece back
around the board to my home position to win the game. I also had sent
Michelle’s piece back to its home position. Well as I brought my last piece
around the board I landed on Michelle’s "starting spot" and she
needed a 6 to stop me from winning the game. As her turn came she said with
sincerity, "Lord, please let me get a 6." (She was serious.) She
pressed the bubble and up came a 6! I then replied, "Hey! I didn’t know we
were using our help?!"

In this week’s text, John discusses the unfair advantage we have against the
world(The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) and how all work as one.

Verses 1-3 give the characteristics of those who are entitled to the
"unfair advantage." Each verse focuses on loving God while supplying
us with additional spiritual advice.

Verse 1: Tells us through Jesus we are born of God and we can not LOVE GOD
unless we love Jesus.

Verse 2: Tells us we know we love God’s Children by (1) LOVING GOD & (2)
carrying out his commands.

Verse 3: This is LOVE for GOD: to obey his commands & His commands are
not burdensome.

Next, John tells us that our allegiance with God MUST be through Jesus and
this is confirmed in the 4th & 5th verses which state "if we are of
God, we have the victory THROUGH Jesus."

In the 6th verse John gives us the definition of the 1st coming of the Lord:
"This is the one who came by water(Baptism) and blood(crucifixion) – Jesus
Christ. John then reiterates," He not only came by water, but by water and
blood." Simply put, don’t forget that He not only came, but He died for us
as well.

John then tells us in the latter half of the 6th verse that the Holy Spirit
will testify to the coming of Christ by blood and water. {In verses 7 & 8
there are significant differences between King James & NIV. The King James
gives more specific details so I will be referring to it during these verses}
The 7th tells us that the TRINITY will bear record, in heaven, of Christ’s
coming, but what about the earthly record? Surely we here on earth need a
record of Christ’s miracles on earth and John shows us God’s TESTIMONY on Earth.
These are the Spirit, the Water & the Blood. Many may wonder, how is the
Spirit an earthly testimony – we can’t see him? First let’s get one thing
straight, a testimony is not just words telling others about God, but it also
defined as physical proof of God. In this case the Spirit is God’s presence
manifested within us. He is continually comforting us and stirring up works of
love in us which can be seen. (Yes, Good Godly deeds are testimonies of God)

The 9th verse goes on to tell us that God’s word is Good, especially
compared to the world’s. Even though that comparison is not needed for His
children, some people just have to be told that. The 10 – 12th verse conclude
this week’s text by letting God’s Children and everyone else know that His
children are entitled to the "Ultimate Advantage": Eternal Life. John
openly and clearly explains that if you believe God’s promise this is entitled
to you, but if YOU TRY to make God out to be a liar (10th verse) [Trust me ya
don’t wanna go there] then you are definitely not entitled.

Now the similarity that I saw in Michelle’s plea for help and the
"Entitlement To Eternal Life" is that both require someone to call on
Jesus and believe in Him. Here is a child seven years old who knows where her
help comes from and called for help swiftly – AND GOT IT! The problem is us
"Grown Folks"(Bad English – I Know!) We are so "Big for Our
Britches" we won’t even get that FREE Help that’s The Best of The Best For
Us. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Michelle went on to win the game. She knew she
didn’t want to come in second, she knew that she served a 1ST Class God Who
Delivers – ON TIME! She didn’t want to Lose. Remember, I lost the game because
I didn’t call on Him.

Time is Winding Down…..

With every word you read time is winding down…..

With every good and bad deed time is winding down…..

With every step you take time is winding down…..

With every move you make time is winding down…..


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