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Body, The

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The Body

Tidbit Text: "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one
members one of another." Romans 12:5

This Monday while playing basketball, I was "poked" in the eye.
During the same game, a teammate twisted his ankle. Even though we both
suffered injuries to different parts of the body, the results were the same —
we both had to leave the game because our "entire bodies" were
affected by these minor injuries.

In this week’s tidbit text, Paul is telling the Christians in Rome that each
of them, as individuals, makes up one body — the body of Christ (The Church).
Paul also states in the 5th verse, "and every one members one of
another." What does this mean? Basically, I’m a part of you and you’re a
part of me. Now if this holds true, one person’s actions should affect
another’s—right? You’d better believe it!!!!!

Just as my injury and my teammate’s injury affected our entire bodies (thus,
our entire team), our actions can affect those of the entire body of Christ.
Through ungodly behavior such as selfishness, pride, envy and spite, we can
make our brothers and sisters in Christ feel unwanted, insignificant or even
hated. We may even cause them to NEVER serve God in their fullness [Quench not
the Spirit – 1 Thess. 5:19]. Now ask yourselves, "Do I really want to
stand before God in judgement because I’ve kept others from serving Him?"

Therefore, my sisters and brothers I urge you not to be the "sprained
ankles" [Hinderers Of A Body Desiring To Move For Christ] or the
"poked eyes"[Those With Spiritual Blindness/Blurred Vision] that keep
God’s church from reaching its full potential. Instead, let’s move in the total
Glory of Godliness and strengthen the church so that it will operate in the
fullness of the Lord.

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