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My Majestic Mind

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My Majestic Mind – Part VI

(Key Text – Ephesians 4:23 – "And be renewed in the spirit of your
mind;" )

Which Gear Is Your Mind Stuck
In? – Part II


Proverbs 24: 1 Do not be envious
of evil men, nor desire to be with them. 2 For their minds devise violence, and
their lips talk of trouble. 3 By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding
it is established; 4 And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious
and pleasant riches. (New American Standard Translation)


Have you ever had someone ask
you, "What’s on your mind?" Sadly enough we reply too often,
"Nothing." Now don’t get us wrong. There is a time for relaxation,
but again, too often we put our minds in (N)eutral – "Nothingness,"
and when we leave it there that’s when the problems occur.


When we are stuck in (N)eutral
we become open to the ideas/suggestions of others. This is usually when we
"miss" what God has for us. Joshua 1:8 states, "This book of the
law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and
night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:
for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good
success." Now let’s look at one key word from this scripture – Meditate.


The word meditate is defined as
a devotional (Godly or sacred) exercise (task performed in order to develop
skill/understanding). We exercise our physical man to make him either look
better or perform better. Well, through meditation of God’s word we change our
situation and also our performance during the situation. If we follow the
advice in Joshua we will make our way prosperous and then have good success.
However, the requirement is for us to keep the promises of God on our minds day
and night— not for us to stay stuck in (N)eutral because where we are right
now is not where God intends for us to be later. Yes, we may be in a good
place, but there is a better place.


As we meditate on God’s
promises, we will receive from the Holy Spirt the revelations, wisdom and witty
inventions that will allow our minds to devise greater plans for greater
success. But a mind that spends its time on nothingness reaps the fruit of
nothingness. If we could think back to when we were younger and ask ourselves,
"when did we get into the most trouble?"


The answer would probably be,
"when nothing else was going on and we just had to find something to get
in." The same applies to your mind. When you’re not meditating on God’s
promises, what are you meditating on? In the 2nd verse of our scripture we are
told that an evil man’s mind devises violence, and his lips talk of trouble.
However, our minds (the minds of the good and righteous) should be devising
peace and our lips should be speaking prosperity. We should be remembering the
law of salvation and life and keeping it before us day and night. It should be
planted in our minds and repeated by our prophetic lips calling forth the
things that God has for us.


We can’t continue to "wallow"
in a (N)eutral state because it will keep us in the snooze mode. You know what
the snooze mode is… It’s when we’re supposed to get up when the alarm goes
off, but instead we hit the snooze button. Then we keep hitting it and keep
saying, "five more minutes… that’s all, just five more." And before
we realize it, we’re scrambling to get where we need to be. Spiritually, that’s
the way we treat what we put into our minds. We don’t speak divine health into
our lives day and night; we wait until we are under attack to pray for healing.
We don’t pray for prosperity to keep us from living paycheck to paycheck; we
pray for a financial miracle in the 9th hour.


It’s time for us to get out of
(N)eutral – nothingness and into (D)rive – destiny & divine overflow.
Surely, God intended a time for us to rest which means we should get our rest,
but we’ve got to stop snoozing! We’ve got to stop sleeping in and missing what
is ours. It’s time to go to work, day and night so that we can make our way
prosperous and have good success. SO LET’S WAKE UP AND GET WHAT GOD HAS FOR


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