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My Majestic Mind

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My Majestic Mind – Part V

(Key Text – Ephesians 4:23 – "And be renewed in the spirit of your
mind;" )

Which Gear Is Your Mind Stuck
In? – Part I


Proverbs 24: 1
Do not be envious of evil men, nor desire to be with them.   2
For their minds devise violence, and their lips talk of trouble.  3 By wisdom a house is
built, and by understanding it is established; 
4 And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all
precious and pleasant riches.  (New
American Standard Translation)


Where are we?  Are we there yet??!!  How much further?  Are we there yet??  Why
aren’t we there yet??!!  Anyone who has
taken a long trip with children has probably heard at least one of these
questions before.  It doesn’t matter how
many times you say “soon,” “not much longer,” or “whenever we get there,” the
only thing that will satisfy them is reaching the actual destination.  Today, we will look at one of the directions
our mind leads us in which keeps us from reaching our Godly destination.  Someone really needs some confirmation in
this area because this is the second time within a week the Lord has led me to
cover this area. (See Last Week’s Thursday Tidbit – “Let It Go!!!”)


(R)everse – Rehearse, Redo,
Reality, & Revenge


On our way to our Godly Destination,
we sometimes have a tendency to want to go in (R)everse  which of course moves us further from where
we should be.  This all starts when we
REHEARSE a bad experience over and over and over in our minds.  We don’t let it go; we just keep rehearsing
it.  This leads to a desire to REDO  it; however, once REALITY sets in, we
realize we can not go back and change time. 
Therefore, we set up an opportunity to equalize the situation in our
favor    REVENGE.


Why shouldn’t we strike out in
revenge?  Because God has better plans
for us.  Yes, I know that revenge looks
soooo sweet, like when Uncle Rufus cursed out the lady in the bank yesterday
for “short-changing” him in 1975.  But
the word from the Lord today is  – “Let
It Go!!!”  Our text tells us not to envy
the evil men or even desire to be with them.  
Don’t get yourself caught up in moving from what God has for you – move
toward  it.  The problem with being consumed with “getting revenge” is that
during the process we “go in reverse.” 


The second verse states that
the mind of evil men devise violence, and their lips talk of trouble.  God has devised a prophetic system in which
we can call forth prosperity and blessings, yet, instead, we often waste it on
“huffing and puffing.”  Instead of
talking trash, we need to call forth our cash!!  Instead of telling folk where they can go, we need to call
blessings out of God’s overflow!!  So
before you take a step away from what God has for you, ask yourself, “is it
worth it?”  No matter what’s keeping you
from the fullness of God, I can tell you it’s not worth holding on to.  So get your mind out of (R)everse, and, if
anything, let Jesus (R)everse what the enemy had in store for you!!!


Lord Willing…  Monday Message “Part II – Which Gear Is Your
Mind Stuck In?   (N)eutral”

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