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Study Text – 3 John

Memory Verse – 3 John 8 – We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men
so that we may work together for the truth.

Have you ever been stranded with car trouble? Just yesterday (8/7/98)
Veronica and I stopped to help a woman and her four daughters who experienced
the loss of a tire. Her spare tire did not fit so Veronica had to take her to
get a new tire. While I waited at the car with her daughters I began to count
cars and after counting twenty or so I stopped. I came to the revelation that
the only thing more frustrating than being in the middle of nowhere stranded is
being in the middle of "everywhere" with no help. To see cars pass
you by and not stop is disappointing; but to hear drivers blow their horns at
you and even wave and then continue on their merry way is far worse(this did

This week’s text is a letter of thanks to Gaius who helped Christians while
they were "out on the road".[Gaius was Paul’s host when he stayed in
Corinth. During the time period these letters were written, Christians were
"on the road" spreading the TRUTH. For lodging Christians had to
depend on other Christians. However there were travelers who were deceivers
wanting to take advantage of Christian hosts. (For This Reason John wrote 2
John – Warning Christians)]

In the 1st and 2nd verses John opens to Gaius by telling him (1) he loves
him in truth & (2) his prayer for Gaius is to enjoy good health and for all
to go well for Gaius. John then goes on in the 3rd & 4th verses to tell
Gaius of the favorable reports received of him and how there is no greater joy
than to hear of his children walking in the truth.

John then commends Gaius for his good works. In the 5th verse John commends
his faithfulness for catering to the brothers even though they are strangers.
Next John tells Gaius that these same brothers have also told the church about
his love and he is doing well to help send the brothers on their way in a
manner worthy of God.(6th) Because these brothers were "out on the
road" for the sake of the Name(God) they did not want the help of
pagans(7th) therefore, Christians needed to show hospitality to fellow
Christians so that they could work together in truth.(8th)

Now here is a "waving, horn blowing" example – Diotrephes. John
tells Gaius that Diotrephes will have nothing to do with the traveling
Christians (9th). John also tell Gaius in the 10th verse that, "If I come
I am going to tell it like it T-I-IS about Diotrephes! He gossips maliciously
about us but he doesn’t stop there. He also refuses to welcome the brothers and
stops those that want to help the brothers. On top of that, those who he stops
from helping the brothers, he also puts them out of the church. (10th)

John then tells Gaius, "don’t imitate what is evil, but what is
good." (Don’t be like old bust-down Diotrephes because that boy is foul!)
However John does not "beat a dead horse" he goes on and makes
mention of Demetrius. He tells Gaius, "Demetrius is well spoken of by
everyone and even in the truth itself. We ALSO speak well of him and you know
we speak the truth."

John ends this letter (13th & 14th) with a salutation very similar to
that of 2 John.

So my question to you is have you helped others "on the road?" No,
I’m not talking about those cars stranded on the interstate highways, I’m
talking about those stranded on the HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN! Yes, we all know someone
who’s car is out of spiritual gas or someone who’s had a flat due to one of
satan’s fiery darts and all they need is a little help to get back on the road.
Each Christian is a member of God’s Triple A Service so you might as well get
your Spiritual Tow-truck ready and be like Gaius and Demetrius willing to help
your brothers and sisters to get back on the Highway to Heaven. [6th verse – You
will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God.]

Be Blessed Stay Blessed Knowing That You Are Blessed

Internet Angler(Matt 4:19)

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