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What's Six Dollars?

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What’s Six Dollars?

Study Text – 2 John

Memory Verse – 2 John 1:8 – Watch out that you do not lose what you have
worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.

There was a door-to-door salesman selling autoclub memberships. As he made
his way up the steps I told him,”I’m a member of an autoclub and you’re
wasting your time.” He showed me the benefits and it seemed to honestly be
the best autoclub I had ever seen but I didn’t want to make a hasty decision. I
then asked him for a brochure so I could compare his autoclub to the one I
have. He then replied, “Look this autoclub is only six dollars, what’s six
dollars?” I then stated, “Well if you leave me your brochure and card
I will compare this autoclub to mine and if yours comes out better I will
definitely switch.”

In this week’s text John gives us advice to handle situations like this.
Verses 1 – 3 start out with salutations and then verse 4 gets to the matter at
heart. John tells the recipients of this letter that he was happy they were
walking in truth. He then reminds them of a command that they’ve know from the
beginning, “Love one another” (5th) by walking in the obedience of
God and walking in Love (6th).

Next John separates love from naiveness with warning about deceivers and
tells us they are the antichrist.
Now this part really began to work on me. I kept wondering, why would these
people be referred to as The antichrist and it all came full-fold.  
When Jesus died for us on the cross he became, as I heard one minister state,
“The Ransom” and He paid ALL the costs we would ever have to pay. We
would never have to go to Hell, or even be in a financial bind – BROKE!!!! We
are redeemed from ALL BINDINGS of the antichrist by the BLOOD that Jesus shed
on Calvary’s Cross.

Now why do these antichrists deny that Jesus came into the flesh?(7th)
Because as they attempt to DECEIVE YOU and THEMSELVES they want everyone to
THINK the ransom has not been paid, BUT IT HAS! If the ransom was not paid then
they could continually rob you and take what is rightfully yours(and nothing
could be done about it), but the Blood of Jesus makes their counterfeit
transaction NULL & VOID. That is why it is SOOOOOOOOO Important that if you
are not saved you need to get saved so that you can enjoy SPIRITUAL, MENTAL,
PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL prosperity. Yes my people God wants us to be have FAT
wallets and I’m not talking PHAT(Slang for Cool to the young folk) I’m talking
FAT like FAT “Hey, Hey, Hey” Albert with Green Stuff! (I look forward
to sharing that message later.)

In the 8th John tells Christians to Watch out so that they may not lose what
they have worked for, but instead be fully rewarded. John then gives Christians
a “test” to administer to those who knock on our door and it is a
simple one; Those that do not continue the teaching of Christ do not have God
and those who do have God. (9th & 10th) After knowing all of this if you
still invite that ungodly person in your house then you share in his/her wicked
work.(11th) Yes, you haven’t fallen victim to the antichrist you merely
participated in his grand scheme to build his – NOT OUR – kingdom.

The 12th verse is so beautiful I’m going to close with it rather than
closing with my regular “Have A Blessed Week!” The final 13th verse
concludes with a salutation.

To end the story: I stated to the salesman, “I’m very interested, but I
need to compare this policy with mine, can you leave me your card and I may
call you soon.” He stated, “For six dollars, I won’t be coming
back.” My reply, “Have a nice day.”

So “What’s six dollars?” Well as the salesman left I offered him a
Pepsi – He Declined. I offered him a kind word – That’s not what he was after.
It was the six dollars, not friendship or even comradery. In all actuality the
six dollars was The Cost of A Lie. The lie that I had to feel an obligation to
be robbed or taken advantage of because I am a Christian. (You know the
misconception that we have to HELP EVERYBODY at our expense – Remember, God
gave us Heavenly Wisdom.) The next time a salesperson comes to your door
remember this, “God wants YOU to be a good Steward of HIS(yes you are
holding His) money. If you feel you have to give it away, give it in
tithes(WHICH YOU BETTER BE DOING!) and offerings. At least that way you will
get it back!

(12th) I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use
paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so
that our joy may be complete.

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