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Whipping A Whiney Spirit

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Whipping A Whiney Spirit – Part VI

What Beats A Whiney Spirit:
"Confession – Leaking, Spurting or Gushing"


Proverbs 15:4 – "A wholesome
tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the


As we begin to wrap up this
series, we need to cover a few things that actually help us overcome a whiney
spirit. The first we are going to discuss is confession. Now one thing that I
have learned is this: if you don’t learn how to talk to the devil, you will
talk for him. Too often, the things that come out of our mouths do not glorify
God or our purpose for being here on the earth. One accessory to this crime
against our divine destiny is whining.


Instead of confessing a scripture
like Psalms 27:13, "I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness
of the LORD in the land of the living, " we may say things like,
"I’ll never get blessed like that." Now after saying these things
over and over, what’s going to fill our spirits? —— Doubt!!!  Then what’s going to be the result of a
spirit filled with doubt? —— more whining, murmuring and complaining. Your
spirit man is a lot like your physical man. Whatever goes in will come out.


15:18 – "But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from
the heart (the spirit); and they defile the man."


it’s important for us to stay filled with the word of God so that whenever
anything arises against us we can quickly retaliate against the fiery darts of
the enemy with the word.  Even if you
don’t "feel" like it, it’s not about feelings (fleshy things), it’s
about the spiritual.


example of this was when Jeremiah did not feel like calling on the name of the
Lord, but he had too!!  He could not
help it!  He had too much promise in him
to hold his peace. He had studied, seen and learned too much to be defeated by
the devil. Even when his flesh wanted to just sit there and die, he still found
himself speaking the promises. Why? 
Because his spirit man was filled with an overflow of promises, and
those promises had to come out.


20:9 – "Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in
his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones,
and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay."


that you are in the overflow of God’s promises and you are so filled that these
they are constantly coming out of you. Guess what?  In order for that to happen, you are going to have to stay
filled.  Let’s get into the physical
before we go to the spiritual.


many of us have ever had a prescription filled? Now here’s the next
question.  How many pill bottles do you
have in your medicine cabinet right now? 
Uh-oh. Someone didn’t take all their medicine did they?  Once you started feeling better, you stopped
taking the medicine. You probably said, "Well, I feel alright, I don’t
need it any more."  Spiritually we
do the same thing. We may have a little word, a little promise, a little faith
and even a little doubt while we’re expecting God to move. But there is nothing
little about God. He wants you to have the big faith so that you can take the
"whole" word and apply it to your life in order to change your


what does all of this have to do with our scripture?  Basically it’s a gauge to see 
how the word of God is coming out of us.  Is it leaking, spurting or spouting? Our scripture tells us,
"A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a
breach in the spirit." Now let’s break this scripture down and get our


word perverse means to go away from what is right. One clear example of
perverseness is for someone to speak failure over his/her life. This is truly
far from what is "right." God did not intend for you to curse
yourself, but too often that happens. When we say curse, we mean anything
contrary to the promises of God: "Man, I’ll always have these sinus
problems." "I’ll never get out of debt." "My children will
be the same as I was… you know the apple don’t fall far from the tree."
What causes all of this —— lack of word!! The enemy wants you to be as empty as
possible; therefore, he is always looking for an opportunity for you to


best way to explain this is for me to give you this analogy. Imagine your
spirit as a water hose with a jet nozzle attached. Your hose has a little with
water (the word of God) in it, but the spigot is not turned on (you aren’t
studying or meditating on the word of God). 
Now here it is, you have yesterdays or better yet, last Sunday’s word and
hadn’t cracked a bible open since.  The
enemy is, of course, after your water (what little you do have).   Now, every time you speak perverseness,
pins are stuck in your hose. This is what’s known as a breach in your spirit ——
an opening for satan that should not be there. 
What happens next? You leak, and as you leak, God’s promises seep out of
you. Under these circumstances you don’t even get to use the promises or stand
on them.


what happens when we have a little faith and a little perverseness? Spurting.
Here we have the word of God, but we also have the breach(es) in our spirit.
This is evident when we see Christians scrambling for "a word" only
when the need arises. Then when we get that word, it becomes more difficult to
stand on because it’s not really sown deeply into our hearts like Jeremiah’s
promise was. This is when we "spurt" those promises out every now and
then instead of saying them continually. 
We also “spurt” out the curses every now and then as well.  In this situation we stand on God’s word
sometimes which leads to "sometimey " faith, and the sometimey faith
will lead to "sometimey " results. 
Now let’s talk about getting the " every time" results by
going back to the hose analogy.


thing we want to do is to simply put satan on his keister and keep him there.
What we need is a spiritual hose (one like the fire departments have) connected
directly to the living water that has enough power to knock the enemy over over
and keep him down.  Without a doubt, we
should be desiring a gusher!!!  We all
have access to that power; and there’s no excuse not to have it.  Yet complacency sets in and too often we
settle for a spout at best.  So here are
the questions we are going to leave you with:


Am I connected to the source? We need to be constantly connected to the living
word of God. If not, we will find ourselves "leaking" and not
refilling. One thing we need to know is that a "leaky" spirit leads
to whining, and an "empty" spirit leads to defeat.


Are there any breaches in my spirit? Even if you have the word of God, it can
still be nullified because of the breaches. 
This keeps you in the realm of average; however, what average really
means is that you have just as many defeats as you do victories.  Personally, and excuse my English, but  “That Don’t Sound Like Winnin’ To Me!”


Is the water on? We need to apply the promises of God to our lives constantly.
This does not mean that we find them when we need them. Instead, we find them
before the crisis, store them up and confess them as the bible says, “day and
night.” Right now if we are in divine health we need to keep speaking that
promises over our lives. Most of all, if you feel a breakthrough coming and you
feel the confessions working — Don’t stop taking the medicine just because you
feel good.  Keep feeling good but keep
confessing God’s will over your life instead of defeat.  By doing so, you’ve got the enemy down and
own his back where he belongs and that’s where he’s supposed to be.


Get Yo’ Gusher Baby, Get Yo’ Gusher!!!!

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