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Does God Take Pleasure In Your Trials?

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Does God Take Pleasure In Your Trial?

1 Chronicles 29:17 – “I know also, my God, that thou triest the heart, and hast pleasure in uprightness. As for me, in the uprightness of mine heart I have willingly offered all these things: and now have I seen with joy thy people, which are present here, to offer willingly unto thee.”

When you were child do you remember your parents “showing you off?” You know, when they would tell their friends, “watch my boy do this” or “listen to my girl sing.” Once we got over the initial embarrassment and saw the encouragement of our parents, we did “pretty good.” Afterwards, we would get those all important rewards which included hugs, kisses, pats on the back or money.

Our text comes from a portion of David’s prayer at the ground breaking of the temple which Solomon would build for the Lord. David stated, “I know also, my God, that thou triest the heart.” Yes, we’ve all faced those trials and tests from God, and honestly we all would rather not have them! Come on and be honest with me. We all want it to fall in our laps. We all want the “Exceeding Abundantly” without the trial or the test. If you won’t tell the truth then I’ll go ahead and tell it for you. I personally, on many occasions, have felt like this, “Lord, why can’t you just give it to me. You know I’m going to pass, so just give it to me. I love you and you love me, so just give it to me.” NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!!

God’s got a point to prove (Pay attention to that statement). Look at the next portion of the scripture, “and hast pleasure in uprightness.” Of course we all know that God has pleasure in uprightness. So if he has pleasure in uprightness and you are going through this trial then….. HE HAS PLEASURE IN YOU GOING THROUGH THE TRIAL!! I know you’re saying, “Huh? That makes no sense! Eddie, you’ve really lost it.” Well just stay with me and I will tell you what the Lord told me! Now, we didn’t say He was laughing at you or making fun of you; we said, “He has pleasure in your trial.” How so? — HE’S SHOWING YOU OFF TO THE DEVIL!!! If you don’t feel your shout coming on now, just hang in there ’cause it’s coming!!!!

Just like your parents put you under the pressure to perform, God’s allowing you to go through because He (the parent) knows you can do it. HE HAS A POINT TO MAKE TO THE DEVIL!!! He knows that you can stand the pressure. He knows the end before the beginning. It’s the devil who doesn’t know the end but is trying to make the end the way he wants it made! [Oooohhh my shout groove is getting giggy now!!] But I’m here to tell you today what the Lord told me to tell you:

“I’M JUST SHOWING YOU OFF!!!! I’M JUST SHOWING YOU OFF!!!! I’M JUST SHOWING YOU OFF!!!!” Oooohhhh I wish I just had somebody who was going through a little something, something right now!!!! Somebody who all hell was just bustin’ loose in your life and you were still praying to the Father with all your heart telling Him, “I love you daddy, regardless of what I’m going through. I know that you know the end before the beginning and the devil is a liar and this ain’t my end. Oooohhhh daddy thank you for the word ‘THROUGH’ because it’s not the word ‘END.’ And I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” If you ain’t shoutin’ yet, you must not be going through something. But to my brother or sister that’s going through, your Father has me up at 1:15 a.m. dictating a message just for you. This is what the Lord has to say to you: “Know this: that what you are going through is not the end I have for you. I know the end and the plans I have for you. I am God and I create every destiny, especially those of MY CHILDREN, and you are my child. Continue on the paths of righteousness and remember that THROUGH is only for a season!!!”

It’s best you get your shout groove on now because THROUGH is for You; the END is for the devil. Praise God!!! Praise God!!!! Praise God!!! It’s not easy sitting still after knowing the victory, but by the power of God we’re going to finish up.

David continues on and states this, “As for me, in the uprightness of mine heart I have willingly offered all these things: and now have I seen with joy thy people, which are present here, to offer willingly unto thee.” Now as David was getting the material (gold, silver, jewels, and metals) for this temple, he kept his heart in the “upright” position. You know whenever a plane is landing the pilot makes this announcement, “Please place your seats in the upright position.” I’m telling you, whoever you are, the Lord is preparing you for your landing right now. Keep your heart in the “upright” position!!! He’s bringing your deliverance right now — just keep your heart in the “upright” position!!! Don’t whine or complain because that which you’ve been waiting for will rain down on you. Keep your heart in the “upright” position.

If you have doubt, just look back at God’s word where David stated, “I have seen with joy!!!!” Yes, David saw it!!! He saw the people give to get God’s temple built and he didn’t need to go in debt to do it. The people gave and gave and gave. It came to pass!!! What you are waiting on will come to pass and you will see it!!! Stop looking at where you are and look at where you’re going!!! HE’S SHOWING YOU OFF!!! HE’S SHOWING YOU OFF!!! HE’S SHOWING YOU OFF!!!!

The longer you’re in the fire, the more glory you’re going to have coming out. And when you’re praising the most high in the fire, He’s saying to the devil, “Did you hear my girl pray? Did you hear her tell me she loves me in spite of the pain in her flesh? Did you hear my boy say he’d rather die than leave me?!!!” Then the Father will say to the devil, “Are you sure you want them to stay in the heat a little longer? I told you they were going to come out like pure gold. The longer they stay in, the more I’m going to bless them coming out.” (I told you He had a point to prove.)And yes, like a greedy little fool rubbing his grubby little hands together, the devil turns up the heat to burn the impurities off you. Can I say it again? Like a greedy little fool rubbing his grubby little hands together, the devil helps prepare you for the next level. Why? Because he doesn’t know your end, but God does!!! Don’t just hang in there — Shout your way through!!! Don’t let the devil steal your joy, even in the fire, because you are blessed coming in, blessed going out, and yes, YOU ARE BLESSED ON YOUR WAY THROUGH!!!!

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