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Problems, Perception and Position

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Problems, Perception and Position

Psalms 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

Everyone has problems that he/she faces from time to time. Like many of you,
I found myself facing principalities as well. While I was meditating on the
problem, the Lord delivered me from it. Let me say that again! The Lord delivered
me from the problem! How? Did He send His mighty angel to slay “mine enemies”
in the my hour of darkness and despair? No. Instead the Lord spoke to me and
said, "Say the Disciple’s prayer."

So I began to speak the words: "Our Father which art in heaven."
Right then I had to stop! And I said that portion again, "Our Father which
art in heaven." I began to say it over and over until it got to the point
where I just could not leave the "Our Father" part. Those two words
tell us who we are in Christ. We are the children of the most high God. In other
words, I found myself reminded that I was a part of royal lineage. I have no
place dealing with low level devils, demons, and imps.

You see, we have a Father who rules and reigns over a kingdom from which the
principalities that try to get the best of us got kicked out. So why in the
world was I fighting a losing battle? Why was I getting so upset, angry, and
frustrated. Because I made my enemies too big. I had magnified my enemies by
allowing them to get "too close" to me. Because my enemies were on
my mind so much, I had moved closer to them instead of moving closer to our
Father. For the heaven of it, let me expound.

No matter how small or big a thing is, its perception depends upon your proximity
of it. Take for example a building. From a distance, it might not seem so big,
but the closer you move towards it, the bigger it gets. Did its size change?
No! Only your perception of it. The same holds true for our perception of small
things like the enemy. I’ll use this example: Have you ever had a bruise, sore,
pain, or ache that just would not leave you alone. I mean, you would just kept
examining and bothering it. The more you examined it, the bigger it got. Finally,
that small bruise wound up affecting everything you did. You couldn’t go play
ball. Why? Because that small bruise affected the way you ran, caught, jumped,
or stood.

To overcome this, we’ve got to get the right perception on the matter. We’ve
got to stop making the bad things big and the good things small. The first step
is to magnify the Problem Solver, not the problem itself. The problem will eventually
go away, but the Lord, our Problem Solver "ain’t going nowhere" (excuse
the English). The truth of the matter, of course, is that God is large and in
charge. He’s not getting any smaller, but it’s our perception of Him that makes
Him "appear" small from time to time. Instead of getting closer to
Him we get closer to our enemies/problems by keeping them before us in thought
(meditation) and words (complaints) making them bigger and bigger.

So child of God, we magnify the Lord by moving closer to Him (perception) so
that He can be larger than any adversity we could ever face. His hand of favor
is upon us, His hedge of protection is around us, His angels have charge over
us, and His word will forever keep us. He is larger than debt, disease, depression,
discord, danger, disaster, distress or demons. Therefore, on that note, today
we let Him be where He wants to be — Large and in charge of ever situation
and circumstance in our lives because He IS!

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